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APC4432---Si4432 RF Front End Module


Si4432 wireless front end modules using high performance Si4432 RFIC Silicon of Laboratories company, through the harmonic suppression and. peripheral circuit, make excellent, Si4432 RFIC plays the best communication function, anti-interference ability has been greatly improved, the user can configure the operation is very convenient, can be widely used in the wireless control, measurement products.

1, support the frequency: 470MHz (can be customized 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz)
2, low sensitivity to -121dBm:
3, the maximum transmit power: 100mA @ 20dBm
4, the transmission rate: 0.123-256kbps
5, the modulation mode: FSK, GFSK, OOK
6, the power supply: 1.8-3.6 V
7, the interface: Stamp hole pins and. the SPI interface
8, the digital received signal strength indicator (RSSI)
9, wake and. wireless wake-up function
10, automatic antenna matching and. two-way switch control
11, a configurable data packet structure
Before 12, synchronous signal detection
13, 64 bytes of transmit and. receive data register (FIFO)
15, temperature sensor and. 8 bit analog to digital converter
16, the built-in crystal error adjustment function
17, integrated voltage regulator

18, product size: 15.8*14.8mm

Wireless remote control system, wireless meter reading, wireless sensor network, automation control, queuing system, access control system, industrial data acquisition system, security and. alarm system, biological signal acquisition, UAV / robot control etc.