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Internet of things of the meter reading scheme in Wireless Ad Hoc
Date:2012-01-17 11:11:50

At present the country promote the strategic transformation of industrial planning, management and utilization of energy also becomes more and more important, and included in the national key projects, at the same time change, with high labor costs rise and the country put forward the mode of economic growth for the collection and management of intelligent water meter, pu...

Si4463 wireless module, attention to the use of the industry the highest cost-ef
Date:2012-01-17 11:12:05

Attention to the problem of APC320 module

Considering the complexity of the air transmission, some characteristics of the wireless data transmission mode is inherent, should consider the following issues.

1) network using APC320 module

Communication channel APC320 is half duplex, can complete a point to point, point to multipo...

Fully experience the design of Intelligent Community of Practice program
Date:2015-01-13 15:03:28

The following is an example of a plot to describe how to design a system of intelligent community.

A smart residential district, with a total area of 68,999.5 square meters, of which residential quarters and semi-basement (shopping mall) and about 24,800 square meters, the wall area of about 1200 meters weeks, for all types of building 23, including seven high...

The construction of intelligent residential quarter guidance document some of th
Date:2015-01-13 15:04:00

At present, the construction of residential quarters for the intelligent guidance documents "Intelligent Building Design Standards" (GB/T50314-2000), "the national model residential quarters construction of intelligent system elements and technical guidelines", "smart residential district in Shanghai Function Deployment pilot Outline "and so on, in spite of the preparation o...

SX1212 ultra-low power module is applied in the wireless gas meter
Date:2015-01-13 15:04:54

In recent years, as people's living standards improve, people puts forward higher requirements on living environment. In light of relevant government policy, household intelligent obtained high speed development. As one part of the intelligent industrial chain - intelligent meter reading system also has been booming. The traditional manual meter reading way time-consuming, la...

Wireless meter-reading solutions
Date:2015-01-13 15:06:10

Because the water meter installed in households in the general home, so the staff of meter-reading from time to time residents have access to the home of meter-reading, which cause great inconvenience meter reading. With radio frequency technology, our company in the wireless module technology based on the advantages of technological innovation, combined with water feature...